EVERY salesperson struggles at some point in their career, whether it’s a recession, sales slump, tough competitor, or industry disruption. Your company could be facing tough times, or you could just be new to sales. The first few years of selling are sometimes your hardest.

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“In an age where many are obsessed with ease and comfort and live perpetually searching for hacks or shortcuts to avoid doing real work, Paul has written a timeless classic for sales professionals and business leaders packed with wisdom and life-truths to help you achieve transformative success.”

Mike Weinberg
Author of New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified.

About the Book

Selling Through Tough Times is your go-to guide for growing your profits and mental resilience through any downturn.

Selling through tough times requires the right attitude and the right skills—you’re provided the tools to achieve both in this book. You’ll learn the right mental framework and the skills to thrive through tough times. Selling through tough times requires a different mindset and sales approach. Throughout this book, you will gain a deeper understanding of how selling through tough times is different. There are six Critical Selling Activities (CSAs) to guide your effort through tough times. The basic principles of selling are constant; however, tough times add a new dynamic forcing you to adapt. These CSAs guide you through the tough times and help you prevail once they subside.

“Paul explains how buyers define value differently in a downturn. Paul’s book addresses in detail how buyers think and how they act. With a deeper understanding of the buyer, you create a more compelling message. A timely and powerful book.”

Debbie Black
Siemens Digital Industries Software
Director, Inside Sales

“I’ve made a 30 year journey through Engineering and then Sales to learn techniques of selling value. I had the good fortune of having a quality product and great role models to learn from. What I did not have was this book. I surely could have avoided many pitfalls, been a better employee, and served my customers better had this been placed in my hands. It’s now in yours. Give it a read…or two.”

Tim Thiessen
Okuma Americas

“In this rapidly changing world, salespeople are constantly facing new situations and challenges. In an extremely relatable style, this book brings us real insight and useful instruction on how to continue to provide value to our customers, even when times are tough. Thank you, Paul. I’m looking forward to sharing the book with my sales team and continually using it as a reference in our training.”

George H. Winter
Ravago Americas
Commercial Development Program Director

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