Pre Call planning is a vital part of Honda Power Equipment field sales process. The challenges of pre-call planning brought out thru this book gave opportunities for our team to refine their sales process. Within the book, a strong point was made that having no objective in the sale call is defective, this point ties directly to our core values at Honda. Our sales team benefited from the motivational refresh to which the book provided and it created more focus around refining our sale processes.

Gary Childress, Senior Manager – Power Equipment, American Honda Motor Co. Inc.* *Individuals' opinions are their own and do not represent the opinions of their employers. Company name is referenced for affiliation purposes only.

I’ve made a 30 year journey through Engineering and then Sales to learn techniques of selling value.  I had the good fortune of having a quality product and great role models to learn from.  What I did not have was this book.  I surely could have avoided many pitfalls, been a better employee, and served my customers better had this been placed in my hands.  It’s now in yours.  Give it a read….or two.

Tim Thiessen, Okuma Americas Vice President | Sales & Marketing

Paul explains how buyers define value differently in a downturn. Paul’s book addresses in detail how buyers think and how they act. With a deeper understanding of the buyer, you create a more compelling message. A timely and powerful book.

Debbie Black, Siemens Digital Industries Software Director, Inside Sales

In this rapidly changing world, salespeople are constantly facing new situations and challenges.  In an extremely relatable style, this book brings us real insight and useful instruction on how continue to provide value to our customers, even when times are tough    Thank you Paul.  I’m looking forward to sharing the book with my sales team and continually using it as a reference in our training.

George H. Winter, Ravago Americas Commercial Development Program Director

Each Associate in our global sales team found inspiration and practical coaching in Paul Reilly’s Selling Through Tough Times lessons that build upon his timeless sales model from Value-Added Selling.  Paul delivered to our team immediate and impactful actions we should be taking to pivot from surviving to thriving in tough times mentality.   His lessons easily cross borders and experience levels, making Paul Reilly and his selling model required reading for all our sales teams.

Chuck Reed, Crane Payment Innovations VP & GM, Convenience Services

Reilly has created a must read for the professional sales person and leader. In one form or another, our predecessors have faced equally tough times. It’s critical that we understand, acknowledge and take the teachings to be able to thrive today. Based on our inability to be face to face at the rhythms we were accustomed to, you now MUST find a way to differentiate yourself and redefine the comparison between you and your competitor. This book lays out, in clear paths, how to do that as well as the dangers if you do not. It also goes a step beyond simply giving you answers, it helps you think of what questions to ask.

David Steiner, Vice President, U.S. Commercial Sales

Successful salespeople know how to make it happen in good times and yes, tough times they succeed. This book is the playbook they’ve been using to win and it’s now your playbook. Read it, apply it and make it happen, your customers will not wait any longer.

Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter” author of A Mind for Sales and High-Profit Prospecting

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