Of all the training our sales team receives, Selling Through Tough Times is their favorite. You infused our team with confidence and optimism with your practical and inspirational message. We also appreciated your reminders of the importance of Call Preparation and the Daily Mental Flex. You inspired our sellers to renew their role of being Hope Merchants in this time of crisis.”

Vice President of Sales, Plastics Distributor

Reilly’s ‘Selling Through Tough Times’ was a welcome change from the barrage of emails we are all getting. It was refreshing to have someone acknowledge the mental aspect of what salespeople are dealing with. The webinar is filled with real-world examples, interaction with the team and practical takeaways to implement. Well done, Mr. Reilly!”

Vice President of Sales, Fluid Power Distributor

Thank you for sharing your hope-filled message with our team. The information regarding top mistakes salespeople make during tough times inspired our team to keep the activity high, focus on the customer’s needs rather than our own, and increase the value they create. Your tips and techniques help us remain positive and keep driving towards our goals.”

Sales manager, Fortune 500 software company

Thank you for educating our team on Selling Through Tough Times. I have pages of notes that I review weekly; remind me of what to do in these times.

Vice President of Sales, Equipment Distributor

Selling Through Tough Times Keynote

Length: 45 – 90 minutes

Target group: General sales audience including managers and leadership

Selling Through Tough Times is a powerful, inspiring, and hope-filled message. Whether it’s a recession, industry disruption or downturns, a tough competitor, or an extended sales slump, every seller faces tough times. Whether you’re new to sales, a seasoned veteran, or a sales leader, you’ve experienced tough times. This uplifting and practical message is your go-to guide to grow your profits and mental resilience in any downturn. In this keynote, participants will learn the right skills and embrace the right mindset to thrive during any downturn. Here are the topics covered:

  • What are tough times and why are they ‘good’?
  • How do buyer’s define value in tough times?
  • Build mental strength like a tough timer
  • The top mistakes sellers make in tough times
  • The critical selling activities (CSAs) to thrive in tough times

After this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Discover the three primary forces driving buyer behavior through tough times
  • Implement the Daily Mental Flex® to build mental strength
  • Describe three ways to avoid the top mistakes sellers make through tough times
  • Detail the six CSAs and how to implement them into their current sales process

When your sales team applies the tough-times message and embraces the right mindset, they will sell more profitably and build a strong foundation of mental strength. What they discover through tough times will carry them even further when good times return.

Leading Through Tough Times Keynote

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Group: Sales managers and executives

Leaders set the tone in any organization—positively or negatively. The same way sellers lead customers through tough times, you lead your sellers through tough times. Tough times are a great leadership and coaching opportunity. This keynote focuses on building the right mindset and applying three basic principles to guide you through tough times. Regardless of the industry or the depth of your tough times, the right attitude and these principles will keep you on track or get you back on track. Here are the topics covered:

  • Tough times are leadership opportunities
  • The seller’s mindset through tough times
  • Building mental resilience with your team not for your team
  • Three leadership principles to guide your efforts
  • Translating principles to daily action

After this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how sellers think and act in tough times
  • List eight ways to build mental strength and resilience
  • Discuss and apply the three leadership principles of tough times
  • Describe seven daily leadership tips to thrive

When you apply these leadership principles and the tough-time mindset, you will help your sales team grow through their tough time and compete more profitably. Tough times represent your single greatest opportunity to coach and lead.

Selling Through Tough Times Workshop

Length: 1 day

Target group: General sales audience including managers and leadership

Available in house or public seminar:

This content-rich workshop is a deep dive into the hope-filled message of Selling Through Tough Times. Every salesperson and sales manager knows that it’s harder to sell in tough times—whether it’s a global pandemic, recession, industry-wide challenge, new competitor, being new to sales, or an extended slump. But somehow there are always successful “tough-timers” that not only survive, but thrive through tough times. What do they have—and what do they know—that keeps them on top? In this workshop, you will learn how to sell effectively and build mental resilience. Here are the topics covered in this workshop:

Introduction to Selling Through Tough Times

  • What are tough times and why are they good?
  • How do buyers think in tough times?
  • Redefining value in customer terms
  • Crafting a compelling tough-times message

Building mental resilience through tough times

  • Overcoming the mental missteps
  • Positive mental programming
  • Positive environmental programming
  • The eight attributes of tough timers
  • Taking the Tough-Timer Challenge

Implementing the six Critical Selling Activities (CSAs)

  • Select – establishing the right targets and building a target-specific plan
  • Pursue – approaching your target opportunities the right way
  • Discover – a continuous process of understanding the buyer’s needs
  • Persuade – convincing the buyer that you are the ideal partner with the ideal solution
  • Partner – working with your customer to help them achieve their goal
  • Leverage – expanding your solution with the customer to protect and grow your business

Participants will learn how to select and pursue the right opportunities, discover needs, persuade effectively, win more deals, and—crucially—protect profit, by embracing the “tough timers” mental attitude and executing the critical selling activities.

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