Are You a Cow or a Buffalo?


Are you a cow or a buffalo?

On a recent podcast, I learned that cows and buffalos respond differently to storms. When cows notice a storm, they run AWAY. Cows are slow; the storm catches the herd. Cows continue trying to outrun the storm, which means they stay in it longer.

Buffalos are different; they run TO the storm. By running to the storm, they get wet sooner but for a shorter time frame. For buffalos, the storm doesn’t last as long.

You cannot outrun this economic storm, so don’t be a cow. Everyone gets wet. You determine for how long. Be a buffalo and lean into it.

Run TO the storm by signing up for the Tough Timer Challenge. The Tough Timer Challenge mentally prepares you for this downturn. Completing the Tough Timer Challenge keeps you MOTIVATED in these trying times.

You follow a process to build your pipeline; follow this process to build your mental strength.

It’s simple. Here is how you get started:

  1. Sign-up for the Tough Timer Challenge – CLICK HERE.
  2. Complete The Daily Mental Flex® every day for 30 days (it’s a collection of six mental exercises).
  3. Plan every sales call for 30 days.

That’s it. Simple.

Selling in a tough market is a grind. You work harder to achieve less. This disconnect between effort and results is frustrating; you must find the motivation every day. The Tough Timer Challenge gives you the strength and motivation to lean in. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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