The Recession is Here!

Today it’s official: The U.S. is in recession. And it’s a good thing. As salespeople, sales leaders, and business owners try to navigate this next recession, it’s important to remember that tough times are good. Whether this is your first recession or your 10th, you may have felt that unsettling feeling and anxiety when the… Read More 

It’s Time To Get Paranoid!

The timing couldn’t be better to increase your prospecting activity. With peak demand, limited supply, and rising prices, sellers are making it rain. Salespeople are crushing quotas and cashing checks. This is when sellers become complacent. As Andy Grove famously said, “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.” Now is the time… Read More 

3 Ideas to Sharpen Your Persuasion Skills

“You could get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bull’s…” Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) popularized this analogy in the movie Tommy Boy (Paramount, 1995). Tommy tried using this analogy to sell Callahan’s “really cool” new brake pads. Although Tommy butchered the analogy (PUN intended), there is still a powerful… Read More 


This past weekend I watched a few minutes of Couples Retreat (Universal, 2005). My favorite scene is the revealing of the spirit animals. One couple received a rabbit, another a honeybee, another received a wolf. However, Dave and Ronnie (portrayed by Vince Vaughn and Malin Ackerman) were shocked to learn that their spirit animal was…a… Read More 

What Tiger Woods Can Teach Salespeople

“I’m focused on my No. 1 goal right now: walking on my own.” That was Tiger Woods’ response when asked if he would play golf again. I tend to view things through the prism of a salesperson (and golf enthusiast). So, I pondered this question: What can sales professionals and sales leaders learn from Tiger’s… Read More 

It Wasn’t That Bad

A few weeks ago, I took my daughter to get a shot. She didn’t want to go, so I resorted to bribery. The shot would hurt, but the promise of ice cream would make it okay (or so I thought). Once she saw the needle, she FREAKED out. It took several minutes to calm her… Read More 

How Do You Overcome Adversity?

“It’s a matter of pride at this point.” That’s what my boss said when we tried fixing the lawn trimmer. At the age of 16, my first job was working at a driving range. As a golf enthusiast, it was a dream job. Part of my responsibilities included trimming the overgrown grass around the netting…. Read More 

You Are Not Starting Over!!

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the king of Corinth and somewhat of a practical joker. Sisyphus played several tricks on the gods, and he also cheated death on two occasions. Because of his unruly behavior, Zeus condemned Sisyphus to a lifetime of futile and frustrating labor. Sisyphus had to roll a boulder up a hill;… Read More 

Is Your Perceived Weakness Really a Strength?

Over the weekend, there was a heart-warming story about a football team in California—the Riverside Cubs. The Riverside Cubs were preparing to play for the California State Championship. As a mediocre high school football player, I can only imagine what it’s like to hear the fans cheering for you in a state title match. As… Read More 

It’s Time for a Recharge

Have you had a run of lousy sales luck? In sales, bad luck appears in multiple facets: a sales slump, blown presentation, supply issues, canceled orders, customer silence, or becoming the customer’s emotional punching bag. It’s depleting and frustrating. Many outsiders wonder, “Who on earth would want to be in sales?” Selling is a wonderful,… Read More 

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