It’s Time To Get Paranoid!

The timing couldn’t be better to increase your prospecting activity.

With peak demand, limited supply, and rising prices, sellers are making it rain. Salespeople are crushing quotas and cashing checks. This is when sellers become complacent. As Andy Grove famously said, “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”

Now is the time to get paranoid.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest an economic slowdown: corporate layoffs, a volatile stock market, a slowing economy, rising interest rates, and shrinking PMI (Purchasing Managers Index). As the economy slows, sellers will scramble to fill their pipeline. Start scrambling now—before the competition.

Let your competition rest on their laurels and marvel at their success. Embrace a positive sense of insecurity and fill your pipeline. Now is the time to fill the pipe; here are three reasons why:

Prospects are more aware of the gaping holes in their current solution. Prospects are more aware of supply constraints and are actively looking to solve this problem. At this moment, buyers are more open to your ideas. Seize this opportunity.

Your competition is asleep at the wheel. Your competition has accepted the current market challenges instead of adapting and evolving. These complacent competitors are delivering a mediocre customer experience. Lousy service coupled with complacency creates a target-rich environment for opportune sellers. Now is the time to fill the pipe.

Customers are sick and tired of price increases. When prices increase, customers question the value of the solution. This means every prospect you pursue challenges the value of their current solution. As you persuade these prospects, poke the bear, and let the customer vent. Draw out your prospect’s frustration. Your competitor’s frustrated customers are your best prospects.

Now is the time to push hard. Make the extra calls. Outwork the competition. During the scorching hot summer months, my high school football coach constantly challenged us to work hard. He’d say, “If you want to beat the competition, you have to do what they are unwilling or too lazy to do.” Half-time is over, and you’re in the thick of Q3. If you want to finish the year strong, it starts today. Do what your competition is unwilling to do.

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