What Tiger Woods Can Teach Salespeople

“I’m focused on my No. 1 goal right now: walking on my own.”

That was Tiger Woods’ response when asked if he would play golf again.

I tend to view things through the prism of a salesperson (and golf enthusiast). So, I pondered this question:

What can sales professionals and sales leaders learn from Tiger’s story?

Here’s the answer…


Tiger playing in the Masters is a huge victory! He is experiencing this big win because he focused on SMALL WINS along the way.

Tiger didn’t focus on his swing after the accident; he focused on survival. After he survived the horrific accident, the healing process began. During rehab, Tiger focused on small wins. Literally (and figuratively) focusing on the next step. Here are a few small wins leading to this weekend’s big win.

Small win: Make it from the hospital to his home hospital bed

Small win: Make it out of the home hospital bed (which took three months)

Small win: Sitting in a wheelchair and going outside to feel the grass on his feet

Small win: Progressing from the wheelchair to crutches

Small win: Crutches to assisted walking

Small win: Assisted walking to walking on his own

Small win: Putting a few balls

Small win: Chipping a few balls

Small win: Swinging the club again

Small win: Playing a couple of holes

Small win: Walking a couple of holes

Small win: Finishing a round of golf

Small win: Competing with his son Charlie in the PNC Championship

And there are so many more small wins that led to the big win: playing in the Masters.

Imagine the mental toll it must take to be the GOAT at golf and unsure if you will walk again. Tiger is a true tough timer. His mental and physical resilience is inspiring to us all.

As sales professionals and sales leaders, you take on monumental tasks every single year. Take a page out of Tiger’s playbook. Focus on SMALL WINS. Small wins keep you motivated, focused, and engaged. Don’t worry about closing the deal; focus on achieving the next small win.

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